Council on American Islamic Relations Film Showing of "Out of Cordoba"

By Intellectual Heritage Program (other events)

Tuesday, April 11 2017 3:30 PM 5:30 PM

Jacob Bender, the executive director of the Council for American-Islamic Relations, will be showing his film "Out of Cordoba" around the issues of religion, history and cultural understanding. He will also have a Q & A afterwards.


"Out of Córdoba is a documentary film about the greatest but least known chapter in European history: Muslim Spain. For almost 800 years, vast swathes of the Iberian Peninsula were under Muslim control.

Al-Andalus, as Moorish Spain was known, is to this day viewed as an era marked by tolerance, with Jews, Christians and Muslims living for the most part peacefully together under the banner of convivencia (coexistence). Córdoba was the capital in a region that represented a leading cultural and economic centre – of both the Mediterranean and the Muslim world as a whole.

In Out of Córdoba, which was released last year, Jewish-American filmmaker Jacob Bender counters the idea of the clash of civilisations by invoking the tolerant spirit of Córdoba and tracing the life stories of two 12th century philosophers: the Jewish Maimonides and the Muslim Ibn Rushd."